| Physio Library of more than 500 exercises via XPS app

4/13/2021 1 min. reading

Kinisi is a private physiotherapy center based in Prague, Czech republic focusing on physiotherapy for men, women and kids, functional physio training, rehabilitation, massages and general athlete care.

Kinisi are using XPS Network to build and share a library of more than 500 exercises with their clients. Check out the range of products they offer and how exactly they’re working with XPS phone app in our most recent XPS Stories video. 


Physio Library in XPS Network phone app 

Kinisi’s main product Physio Library is a collection of more than 500 exercises organised into multiple categories based on development kinesiology that respects the basic principles of healthy movement. “After purchasing our licence we will share our content with you for 1,3,6 or 12 month period depending on your current needs,” says Lenka Vojtovič, Kinisi physiotherapist  

“All the exercises have a detailed description and a videoexample and are really easy to repeat thanks to the simple XPS app interface. It makes it possible for you to build your own training programmes while selecting exercises from different categories. You can then set a specific date for each programme in the app and simply adjust the order of the workouts.” 





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