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NBA Los Angeles Clippers

You don't go to Basketball Heaven without using XPS Network

John Welch

Assistant Coach

Men's Football National Team, Denmark

Sideline XPS allows you to do things your way. As simple or as detailed as you want.

Kasper Hjulmand

Head Coach

US Soccer Women's World Champions National Team

XPS is a comprehensive planning, organizing, and communication tool we used daily with our players and staff.

Jill Ellis

Head Coach, World Champion 2019

Virtus Bologna & Serbian National Team

Excellent product and great support. XPS is both easy to use and powerful. Every coach should try it.

Goran Bjedov

Assistant Coach

UAB Blazers

I am extremely pleased with the XPS platform and the support I've received from Sideline Sports. It's wonderful to find a company that truly stands behind their branding with solid products and responsive, helpful support. Sideline Sports has earned another loyal customer.

Randy Norton

Head Coach

Union University

Of all the tech products I’ve used over my career, nobody beats the support offered by Sideline Sports. I always get a quick response with a solution to any issue I’ve experienced. The XPS Network is the only tool I’ve found that keeps all of our drills and practice plans organised in a format that is easy to use and share with our players. I highly recommend the team with Sideline Sports for any coach that is looking for better ways to organise their program and teach the game to their players!

David Niven

Head Coach

London Lions

XPS gives us the flexibility to communicate with all staff and players in the right manner whilst keeping all our work in the same place, accessible and workable. Coaching is something we do all the time on the move and XPS gives us that freedom

Vince Macauley

Head Coach

Hamburg Towers

We want to optimize ourselves in every way. That’s why we use Sideline XPS for the organization of meetings and training sessions, the communication with our players and the analysis of performance. XPS covers all areas and is the perfect tool for our work, saving us time so we can concentrate fully on the sport

Marvin Willoughby

Sports Director

Australian Women's National Soccer Team

XPS is for all levels of coaching. It's an advanced tool that is incredibly easy to use.

Tony Gustavsson

Head Coach


XPS is a top quality software. I recommend it for all trainers.

Vesteinn Hafsteinsson

Coach of World and Olympic Champions

Lipscomb University

I’ve been a Sideline Sports customer for nearly 20 years. In that time I haven't found another tool that comes even close to matching the ability of XPS to streamline all elements of a program. From organizing your drills, videos and documents, to quickly creating practice plans, to monitoring and communicating with your athletes, the XPS Network provides an online platform that will negate your need to sift through bookshelves of old notebooks to find and share information. If you're a coach that is looking for ways to maximise your time then XPS Network is for you

Kevin Carroll

Assistant Coach

Evanston HS.

I would strongly recommend the XPS Network and Sideline Video Analyzer coaching software to anyone in the coaching profession. Assistant coaches can greatly benefit from this software as they build their library of coaching drills and strategies to one day, implement their own philosophies. Head coaches will be able to utilize this software for everything from practice planning, to game preparation, to game analysis. It truly is an All-In-One coaching software.

Mike Ellis

Head Coach

Men's Handball National Team, Germany

My experience in working with XPS Network has been great. I use it every day of the season.

Alfred Gislason

Head Coach

Women's National Team, Norway

Sideline XPS has helped us to be more effective in our preparations. The Sideline XPS products are easy to use but still very powerful.

Thorir Hergeirsson

Head Coach

Halsville Basketball

XPS Network creates more time for us.

Rusty Walker

Head Coach

Al-Arabi SC

For all coaches that want to be constantly improving, the XPS is a great tool.

Heimir Hallgrímsson

Head Coach

Sarpsborg 08

With XPS you can focus on what's important.

Mikael Stahre

Head Coach

AaB Alborg

We have a development plan for players on the pitch but also one for when they are off the pitch, and XPS is an important part of it all

Jacob Friis

Head Coach

HK Varberg

I strongly recommend XPS for all new coaches. Excellent software which helps you improve.

Staffan Olsson

Head Coach and Olympic Silver Medalist

Kristianstads HK

I'm very happy with the support and collaboration I've established with Sideline Sports.

Ulf Sivertsson

Head Coach

ATC-Advanced Training Center Luxemburg

The XPS platform has been instrumental in supporting ATC's athletes to reach their bespoke fitness goals. XPS is organic and advanced in; communication, planning, tracking and evaluation,which are essential elements for achieving fitness results. The XPS staff work hard to ensure our experience is seamless.

Mark Notschaele


Oakland Wolves Academy

XPS is our program of choice when it come to practice planning and program management. XPS allows us to integrate all our teams seasons on one platform, from the club, through the academy, to the professional team. Having all this resource in one place and accessible remotely means our coaches stay connected and can learn from each other continuously. As head of performance, XPS cuts down my time in managing coaches while helping me increase standards throughout the Wolves organisation

Lee Ryan

Performance Coach


It's all about getting your clients results.

Tristan Tilette

On-Line Training Director

Guilford College Quakers

I have used XPS for several years. I have every practice and drill from every year at my disposal. It is so easy to use and saves me so much time. It has been a great resource for me throughout the years.

Tom Palombo

Head Coach

FBC Plzeň

All work in our club is prepared in XPS. The connection between head coach and other trainers is amazing. XPS is first class software and we enjoy every minute working with it.

Jakub Šimek

Head Coach

USA Team Handball

XPS has simplified the communication between the players and coaches.

Robert Hedin

Head Coach

Bækkelaget Sportsklub

XPS is the future way to communicate with the players.


Head Coach

Basketball Coach, Italy

I was surprised how much XPS increased my efficiency and organization. It's a versatile tool that can be used at all levels, from Professional to Grassroots basketball. The time-saving tutorials and effective help desk complete the package!

Lino Frattin

Head Coach


It's very easy to get started with XPS.

Peter Bredsdorff-Larsen


FC Horsens

With XPS we now have the opportunity to store and access all the data we require, both on team and individual level

Claus Troelsen

Head of Talent Development

University of Missouri BC

The Sideline Sports products play a very important role in our coaching organization and management, as well as our game analysis. Coaches at all levels can benefit from using the products.

Robin Pingeton

Head Coach

Oure Football Academy

XPS Network is my favorite video analysis software.

Peter Bonde


Helsingborgs IF

There is a breadth and depth in XPS that we can benefit from in many ways.

Per-Ola Ljung

Head Coach

Kent Crusaders

With the XPS Network we can provide a service that is second to none.

Rob Newson

Head Coach

Stjarnan Handball

What I love about XPS Network is how easy it was to learn and the fact that we got started in only a few minutes! We’ve used it for several years now and it’s an amazing platform. I wouldn’t coach without it.

Patrekur Johannesson

Head Coach


Communication with the players has never been as easy as it is with XPS. All material can be simply shared with all the players and coaches and Sideline Sport Support is always quick to help in case we have any questions

Martin Jensen

Head of Talent Development

Norway Men's National Team

XPS helps people who want to work with several teams simultaneously.

Mats Olsson


FC Nordsjaelland

Instead of Word, Excel or paper, with XPS Network I have everything in one single place.

Mathias Zangenberg

Physical Coach

Fremad Amager Elite

We have chosen XPS to plan and prepare our training plans and schedules. XPS is an extensive platform, but also quite user friendly and easy to get started so the integration was easy

Philip Hansen

Head of Talent Development

FC Porto

I can really recommend Sideline XPS. A fantastic tool for coaches.

Magnus Andersson

Head Coach

Men's Handball National Team, Japan

Sideline XPS is for the new generation of trainers.

Dagur Sigurdsson

Head Coach

AIK Stockholm

I have not seen any software that is better than XPS.

Magni Fannberg

Youth Coordinator

Swedish Floorball Federation

Sidelines software helps us very much in our development. Both in terms of the development of the game and the players, but also in the development of our coaches. Adding that to a very solution-oriented and accommodating partner makes us from the Swedish Floorball very happy.

Emil Risberg

Head of Development

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

XPS Network is the most comprehensive practice plan and playbook organizer I have ever seen. It is ideal at any level. I can't imagine how you could organize and compile your yearly practice plans and scouting reports without it.

MaChelle Joseph

Head Coach

IFK Kristianstad

I place high demands on my coaching software and Sideline Sports meets them all.

Ljubomir Vranjes

Head Coach

Danish Women's National Team

XPS is simple and you are quick to learn to use the program.

Klavs Bruun

Head Coach

Hume - Fogg High School

I continue to be amazed at the greatness of this product. This is completely changing the way I analyze my own team and scout opponents. It is allowing me to be much more efficient with my time and the time of my players.

Grover Levy


Volleyball Bisons Bühl

For me, working with Sideline is fast, simple and clear. Excellent for team communication. I use it to plan all training and for having test results and other analysis at hand to be able to observe the individual development of players. XPS helps us keep everyone on the same page, our players are always up to date with what we're doing.

Johann Verstappen


Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles

XPS Network makes practices, game tactics, scouting opponents, and your overall program so much easier to organize. Irregardless of whether you are coaching at the high school, college, or professional level - this program will help you "Get It Done!"

Jim Davis

Head Coach

R. Antwerp H.C.

XPS is a great tool to plan, analyze and communicate your training efforts for clubs and teams.

Jeroen Baart

Head Coach

BK Häcken

XPS is both powerful and easy to use.

Andreas Alm

Head Coach

Sønderjyske Håndbold

XPS is a great tool. Both simple and very effective.

Jan Pytlick

Head Coach

Women's National Team, Sweden

XPS is a very powerful tool for practice planning, game preparation and player education, both on international level as well as with local clubs.

Ismo Peltoarvo

Head Coach

Gentofte-Vangede Idrætsforening

I’m convinced that XPS will help us take the next steps towards being a club with a solid strategy and style of play

Bjørn Rasmussen

Head of Talent Development

FC Copenhagen

I have worked with XPS for many years and I'm always discovering more new features in the program.

Anders Storskov

Physical Coach

Junior F.C. Barcelona

XPS is the perfect software for hockey clubs. All of your exercises, documentation, videos and statistics for your teams and players always available.

Jorge Dabanch


Brentford FC

Sideline XPS has been a very good help

Brian Riemer

Assistant Coach

Danville HS

Sideline Sports Software is a powerful coaching package. It is the best thing I have ever seen for High School Football.

Sam Harp


Wofford College SC

Sideline Sports has developed cost effective products that have enhanced the efficiency of our entire department. Our coaches have benefited immensely from using the software.

Richard Johnson

Athletic Director

Valdosta High School

Being able to do game analysis and practice planning of this magnitude at home as well as at school is something I never would have dreamed of. Sideline Sports has made us mobile. It`s a product that adjusts to your needs and can benefit every high school program at any level.

Rush Propst

Head Coach

Stjarnan Basketball

For my XPS is a must have, I have used it for 14 years now. We do all of our video work through XPS, Scouting, post games reports & feedback from practices. We use the XPS as well to track our time management as well as to help youth coaches at the club.

Arnar Guðjónsson

Head Coach

Gonzaga University

XPS Network - Young coaches should make it a priority. Veteran coaches will add a new dimension.

Jerry Krause

Nationally Renowned Teacher of Basketball


It will revolutionize your coaching and scouting. State of the art software.

Fran Fraschilla


George Mason Women's soccer team

XPS Network is the most powerful coaching tool I have discovered. The range of educational opportunities provided by the package of the XPS and Analyzer is simply amazing. Most importantly, my players love it and it is clearly an asset in their development.

Todd Bramble

Head Coach

Ipswich Town FC

Sideline XPS Network has provided me with a great tool to record and log sessions. The program is easy to find your way around and the technology suits the needs of the modern coach. Each week I seem to find another use for the program and I am now trying to utilise its ability to monitor individual player performance.

Bryan Klug

Academy Manager

QATAR National Team

What a great product! XPS Network has been an invaluable coaching aid. The quality of the product has made a tremendous difference to the way that I prepare for practices, games and the overall organisation of the National Team Programme. There is no doubt that the XPS Network is a product that you can't be without.

Tim Lewis

Head Coach

Sindri Basketball

XPS Sideline has definitely changed the way I used to work and collaborate with other coaches in the club and my own team, it is very easy to share information between us what could be even better with the players and parents. It is very simple app, I have been working with like 4 or 5 different and I believe this one is one of the most completed one, so I am very please to work with them.

Pedro Garcia Rosado

Head Coach

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