2023 | TOP 10 XPS Features

12/23/2023 2 min. reading

The year 2023 is slowly coming to its end, and it was a busy one at Sideline Sports. Check out this year’s TOP 10 XPS Features & Updates we have selected for you!

Body Chart & XPS Forms Update

You can now link a Body Chart information item to your XPS Forms that now have an updated User Interface.

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XPS Shorts

This year we introduced XPS Shorts! The new format of education videos will bring you handy XPS Features as Quick Tips in less than 60 seconds! You can view this content on all our channels including YouTube ShortsInstagram Reels and also on TikTok!

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XPS Features Website

We have launched a new section on our sidelinesports.com website showing all the XPS Features available to you!

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Team table with period settings

We’ve added a new Table with periodization widget in XPS Reports! Perfect for repeated tests or values that you want to monitor in a specific time period in a team report. Thanks to a new “ignore rows with no data” in the report builder, you can now only show relevant data in the table!

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App Update: UI Improvements & Team Module

A brand new Teams Module and many UI enhancements and design upgrades are a part of our most recent update package.

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Connect Feature

This year we also brought you a quick tutorial of an integral User Management tool – Connect Feature.

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Link URL to player profile

You can now link URL to information and show as clickable link in XPS Reports. The link is active in the Athlete Report, Key Values widget and also in the Activity Log!

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Tutorial: XPS App for Athletes

After recent updates in the XPS Phone App we bring you a video that you can share with your athletes to show them all the features that can be used from their perspective.

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Floorball Collections with Storvreta IBK

In cooperation with the Swedish Superligan Champions Storvreta IBK we released a new drill and exercise collection that is available for import to all floorball XPS users!

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Monitoring menstrual cycle with XPS Reports

HJK Helsinki Women’s Team use XPS to monitor their players menstrual cycles to be able to adapt their training load in the sensitive period based on the available data from XPS Forms.

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