XPS & ItalHoop | Scouting in Italy!

5/19/2022 1 min. reading

We are very happy to announce a new cooperation on the Apennine Peninsula! Italhoop is a scouting service that has been a reference point for Italian youth basketball since 2015. Rankings, information, services and insights on the best Italian prospects and the leagues in which they are involved. Their website contains all the collected data and has now become a firm leader at national level.



Basketball camps with XPS

On the occasion of the 1st ItalHoop Basketball Camp, XPS Network will make its software available to the coaches present at the camp, as well as a video manager who will teach them how to use the software correctly, which will be used to create a personalised video for all the players who will participate at the basketball camp.



“Step forward in efficiency and professionalism”

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with XPS. We have been using the software for some time now for the editing and analysis of our highlights video and more. We firmly believe in the help that XPS can give to all coaches and clubs who want to take a step forward in terms of efficiency and professionalism and that it can help them achieve better results with the boys and their teams,” says Alessandro Scaglia, manager of ItalHoop.


XPS & Basketball in 30 seconds

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