XPS? It was love at first sight, says Kainulainen

2/8/2023 1 min. reading

Janne Kainulainen, the head coach of KrP Nokian playing in F-liiga – the highest Finnish floorball league – spoke to us about his connection with XPS.

“I use XPS Network simply because it’s the best coaching tool on the market. I have used some other coaching tools but when I found out about XPS four years ago it was love at first sight,” says Kainulainen, who has been with Nokian Krp since April 2021.


I can help my players make the next step

“XPS makes my job much easier, because it allows me to help my players make the next steps on their journey to become better athletes,” says the Nokian head coach, who is a very complex XPS user: “Mostly I use the Analyzer, Presenter, Playbook and the Calendar. I especially like the XPS Analyzer. It’s easy to use for the video editing, tagging and cutting specific shifts and moments from games for players to watch instantly. I also design all the practises with diagrams or animations in XPS Playbook.”


Monitoring with XPS Reports

Nokian KrP are using XPS Reports to get valuable data and feedback on the training process: “We are monitoring our players health with every day Readiness questionnaires, and we also track the training load and RPE after every practise and game,” says Kainulainen.

You want to know more about XPS Reports? Check the video below:


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