Virginia Women’s Soccer: Player feedback with XPS

8/2/2022 1 min. reading

XPS Stories are back with another episode! This time we will have a closer look at how Virginia Women’s Soccer use XPS Network to give instant feedback to their players.

Head Coach Steve Swanson speaks about specific XPS Features and how the coaching staff implements them into the player development process. You also get a chance to check out the use of XPS Collections that is explained thoroughly by the Director for Analysis Eilidh Thomson. Don’t miss that!



For the love of developing players

“We have several goals at Virginia Women’s Soccer, but one of the ones that we take a lot of pride in is the development of our players,” says Head Coach Steve Swanson. “If you look at the time frame that we have, four years is not a lot of time to develop players.”

It was important for Coach Swanson and his staff to find the best possible and most efficient solution: “We tried to find one platform that we can use, that’s simple and very effective in getting feedback back to our players in the development process and XPS has helped tremendously.”

Swanson continues, “It’s a program where we can use features like Calendar, build our training sessions and what we’re going to do each day, all goes back to the players. But the most important thing for us is, that it’s a one-stop-shop for our training video, game video, we can get statistics back to our players, share documents and much more.”


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