New Partnership with Polish Superliga!

7/2/2024 3 min. reading

We are excited to announce that with the start of the 2024/25 season and Sideline Sports | XPS Network will become analysis services and software providers for the Polish Handball Men’s and Women’s Superliga!

The multi-year agreement includes the use of the XPS and features for all the Orlen Superliga and Orlen Superliga Kobiet clubs in both men and women leagues. 

All participating teams will have the possibility to use all the XPS Network features in connection with for video analysis and advanced statistics, with the goal of improving their performance on the court.


Polish Handball Superliga Analysis Software XPS Network


Big step forward in improving the game & scouting

Piotr Należyty, President of the Handball Superliga, is already looking for long-term impact of the starting cooperation: “Our partnership is an investment in technology that will provide the Superliga clubs with software tools that will last a long time and will surely lead to increased and more organised team development and improvement of results on the court.”

“This is a big step forward in the goal of improving the quality not only in the game itself, but also in scouting. In-depth data analysis based on AI is the future of handball, so I’m glad it’s here, in the Superliga, now!”


Piotr Należyty Polish Handball Superliga Analysis Software XPS Network


Excited to start the long-term partnership! 

Sideline Sports Founder & CEO Agust Thorkelsson shares his thoughts on the new partnership: “We’re proud and excited to start this long-term cooperation and partnership with the Polish Handball Superliga. We look forward to providing all of the involved coaches and players with a comprehensive, top-quality analysis solution as well as coaching organisation.”



Sideline Sports provides a complete software solution for more than 2,000 sports clubs globally. The main product XPS Network is a cutting-edge, easy-to-use software for coaches in every sport, ensuring better access to key coaching data and smarter decision-making.

XPS Network is the next level sports software. From planning and performance monitoring to advanced analysis and effective injury management, XPS Network offers the ultimate toolkit for handball associations, clubs, coaches and players, all essential tools in one user-friendly platform.

Sideline Sports was founded in 2001. Their main offices are located in Iceland and Sweden and for two decades they’ve been helping their customers become more organized and effective, by improving communication and providing access to the key data that drives decision-making.


Polish Handball Superliga Analysis Software XPS Network

The CEO of, premier provider of handball statistics, Manel Cirac has spoken about the new partnership: “I’m immensely proud to start our cooperation with the Superliga, aiming to empower handball coaches with advanced statistics and big data, delivered in an accessible and user-friendly manner.”

“Our partnership is dedicated to not only advancing the sport through sophisticated statistical analysis but also by offering comprehensive scouting tools. We provide coaches with the insights they need to make informed decisions, enhance team performance, and develop winning strategies.” stands out as the premier provider of handball statistics, created with insights from coaches, assistants, players, sport analysts, and federations. Our team comprises over 35 handball analysts from seven different nationalities, all of whom are Level III certified coaches. We are dedicated to advancing the sport, making it more professional, and democratizing access to valuable statistics for everyone, from seasoned experts to those new to data analysis.

With, you can visualize, analyze, and scout every player and team in the Superliga (both women’s and men’s first league). The platform allows you to extract data, generate detailed PDF reports, and share these insights with your players. Additionally, you can access comprehensive accumulated statistics for any player or team, along with a global overview, making the ultimate tool for elevating your game.

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