New Partner: Croatian Handball Federation

12/27/2023 3 min. reading

Sideline Sports has joined forces with a new partner in the Croatian Handball Federation, one of the most successful sports associations in Croatia and Europe boasting a rich and enduring tradition. The federation showcases a commitment to excellence that spans various age categories and genders.

Damir Poljak, the General Secretary of Croatian Handball Federation says, that XPS Network will be used by 150 coaches and more than 700 players: “The mission of the Croatian Handball Federation is to be top at every level and the partnership with Sideline Sports is a continuation of our vision. Through the XPS Network software, we will network with all professionals who work with our promising players from U13 to the senior national team.

The program also enables high-quality match analysis and sending video material to players and their coaches. In addition, the health status of the players will be monitored,” says Poljak.

Within the Croatian Handball Federation framework, numerous women’s and men’s teams passionately compete, representing the youngest to the oldest age categories. Annually, this culminates in tens of thousands of matches at both club and national levels.


The end of “paper reports” era

The Croatian Handball Federation has signed a five-year contract with the company Sideline Sports, and all professionals working in regional selections and national teams will be able to use the XPS Network. “We believe XPS is currently the best available software for selecting and monitoring players and helping to upgrade their abilities,” says Tomislav Grahovac, President of the Croatian Handball Federation.

“Thanks to XPS we will now be able to monitor all talented players in real-time and influence their progress. Finally, the time of monitoring young and talented athletes through “paper reports” is long behind us, and it should be accepted that modern technologies significantly impact the detection of talented players and their direction towards top level sport.”

Both sides of the deal are looking towards the bright future ahead: “If we want top players, we need to have a good system throughout the whole level. So, on behalf of the Croatian Handball Federation, we are really happy with this new, development program,” Grahovac closes.


Back-to-back golds in 2003-04

In the treasure trove of the Croatian Handball Federation, we can find numerous accolades and medals from various competitions, including European, World, and Olympic tournaments. Notable recent achievements include the Men’s World Championship gold in 2003 and Olympic gold one year later. The Croatian men’s handball team has competed in 35 big international competitions so far (since 1991). Additionally, our younger squads clinch medals and awards in different international tournaments.

For the Croatian women’s handball, the crowning glory was the European bronze in 2020, a historic achievement. Players in men’s and women’s clubs throughout Europe are key players, showing off the value and efficiency of Croatian handball.



Sharing the same vision, values and ambition

Sideline Sports CEO & Founder Agust Thorkelsson has shared his words on the newly formed partnership with Croatian Handball Federation: “We’re very proud of signing a long-term agreement with the Croatian Handball Federation. Croatia has always been at the top of handball worldwide and we share the same vision, values and ambition of helping athletes develop to world-class levels. We look forward to this rewarding journey with our new partner.”

“We take immense pride in our partnership with such highly successful federation with a rich history. Confident that XPS will boost coaches’ effectiveness, leading to even greater global success, we eagerly anticipate mutual growth as we’re prepared to make improvements to best serve Croatian Handball Federation,” says Jiří Jakoubek, Sideline Sports sales director. 


2025 World Championship in Croatia

There is a spectacular event awaits us—the organization and hosting of the 2025 Handball World Championship. We are full of excitement at the prospect of once again becoming hosts and providing an opportunity for all handball enthusiasts to experience the thrill and emotion of the game. Handball is our inspiration, and we are driven to inspire others through the passion and excitement that this sport brings.


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