Czech Football at the UEFA EURO: GPS Data, Readiness & RPE with XPS

7/4/2024 3 min. reading

The partnership between the Czech Football Association (FAČR) and Sideline Sports has been successfully evolving since 2019. To this day, more than 7000 coaches from all levels of youth and elite Czech football are using XPS Network thanks to this cooperation.

In the recent years, the Czech Football National Teams (both men and women) have begun to use XPS Network extensively, and the highlight’s been the use of the monitoring features at the UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany. Have a look at the most recent XPS Stories episode we have shot with the Czech Team right in Germany!


Before, during and after all the international events, all the players receive a daily readiness form requesting their answers in the areas of soreness and fatigue levels, sleep duration and quality as well as mood and stress. After each session or match, the players express their subjective perception of the session’s physical difficulty in the RPE training load forms.

Ivan Hašek, the Czech National Team Coach, like the overview data provided by XPS Reports: “We use  XPS Network to keep us informed about the training status of our players via the readiness and training load monitoring features.”


Czech Football UEFA EURO Analysis Monitoring GPS XPS Network


During the UEFA EURO, the Czech Team’s used multiple XPS Features, from planning & management, through already mentioned monitoring, to video analysis and live video tagging.

“We also work with XPS Calendar where we create workouts and drills, and we cut videos in XPS Analyzer , tag them individually for forwards and defenders and export them to the player card in XPS Reports,” says Jan Bauer, Video Analyst of the Czech Football National Team. 

Bauer is always aiming to “connect the video with numbers”, and the player card in XPS Reports is the perfect place to make that happen.


Czech Football UEFA EURO Analysis Monitoring GPS XPS Network


A valuable addition to the to dataset available to the coaches for analysis has been the GPS data integrated to both individual and team XPS Reports via the API integration with Catapult.

Sideline Sports strategic partnerships allow the XPS users to integrate data from Polar, Garmin, STATSports, Firstbeat, Catapult and more. If you want more information on the XPS Integrations, please contact

‍”To be able to get a complete overview of the training difficulty, we connect the subjective player data with objective GPS data available for us in XPS Reports thanks to the API integration with Catapult,” says the Head Coach Ivan Hašek.


Czech Football UEFA EURO Analysis Monitoring GPS XPS Network


XPS Network is deeply integrated into the Czech Football Academies development system, where it plays an integral role in storing all important data such as test results or training load and overall training activity monitoring in one place. Injury management data is being provided by the medical staff with the help of XPS Health medical module.

One of the main goals of the partnership with FAČR’s been to create a past and present data lake of all the players in the Czech development systems, that would be available to view and analyze at any time.

Get started with XPS Reports right now! All you need to know about the feature in the 30s video overview below:


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