16 XPS Teams at EHF EURO

1/4/2024 1 min. reading

European Handball Championship starts next week in Germany. We are proud that 16 National Teams will be fighting to reach their targets while using XPS Network but this will not be the only way we will participate at the tournament!

Our new partnership with European Handball Federation that we have announced last year will see Sideline Sports involved in the tournament video analysis and referee performance monitoring.

All participating teams will have the possibility to use the XPS Analyzer in connection with Handball.ai for video analysis and advanced statistics, with the goal of improving their performance on the court.

The XPS Network will also be used by the EHF for referee performance monitoring and education as well as for all EHF experts and coaches’ education at the upcoming EHF Master Coach Courses.



Who’s going on top this year?

The European Champions from Sweden will definitely want to extend their golden run from Hungary and Slovakia 2022, but their biggest competitors will as always be the current World Champions from Denmark, World bronze medalists France and the runner-ups Spain. Or are we going to see anyone break into the last 2 championships TOP 4?


Team Sweden on a pre-game meeting with XPS Analyzer at WHC 2023

Team Sweden on a pre-game meeting with XPS Analyzer at WHC 2023


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