XPS Tutorials: Getting Started with XPS Monitoring

5/13/2024 1 min. reading

Recently we have asked you to switch entirely to the updated Monitoring & Reports feature from the outdated Athlete Profile, which is about to be disabled in your XPS accounts by the end of May. 

Below comes the XPS Monitoring tutorial showing the basics in your XPS Reports setup and its use in the monitoring feature.



Jump right in with one click:

0:00 | Difference between Monitoring and Reports sections

0:44 | Viewing Reports in Monitoring

1:13 | Adding a new Report from templates

2:03 | Changing time period settings

2:27 | Sharing Reports with Athletes

3:20 | Creating custom player Report

4:03 | Duplicating an existing Report


If needed, please contact your local country manager or support@sidelinesports.com and we will help you out switching over, it only takes a few minutes.


XPS Reports in 30 seconds

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