XPS Network and SportsARM enter a new partnership!

10/2/2020 1 min. reading

We are delighted to announce our partner in India, SportsARM is an all-in-one sports platform aiming to empower schools, grassroots and professional organizations with digital innovations.

“We empower sports teams to realize and maximize the potential of their sports performance by analysing, redeveloping and monitoring the sports ecosystem via our applications and effectively building the sport in athlete relationship,” says SportsARM founder Rohan Paul.

XPS Network association 

Since both XPS Network and SportsARM help develop not only professional organizations and sports associations, but also grassroots clubs or schools, a partnership between SportsARM and XPS Network India has developed in a natural way.

“We support and aim to embody XPS’s vision to power the coaching philosophy and development of athletes. XPS Network is a perfect fit for us as we expand into professional part of the game and continue to focus on developing athletes.”


More about SportsARM

If you are looking for more detailed information about our new partner, make sure you visit their brand new website.


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