XPS Health | Walkthrough with Malmö Redhawks

8/17/2022 2 min. reading

Together with Jonathan Bengtsson, the Head of Medical Team at Malmö Redhawks Ice Hockey club, we have prepared an XPS Health daily routine walkthrough for all the future medical module users.



Timestamps: Jump right in! 

 0:08 | Implementing the XPS Health

0:47 | Dashboard

1:13 | Athlete Overview

1:33 | Reporting Module

2:25 | Notify Staff

3:06 | Register Event

3:30 | Event Log


What do you need to know about XPS Health?

The XPS Health module is helping the medical and coaching staff in the following three areas:

  1. REPORTING | Register an injury, illness or treatment
  2. COMMUNICATION | Notify your coaching staff and athletes
  3. ANALYSIS | Overview of all injuries in Event Log



The development has been a great success

Sideline Sports Founder & CEO Agust Thorkelsson has shared his thought on the new medical module and its development: “We’re proud to introduce the first version of the Health module, developed by our subsidiary XPS Health Inc. which will focus exclusively on this product. Our customers asked us for a more efficient workflow in communication between their medical and coaching staff and now we have delivered,” says Thorkelsson.

Based on the first responses, the development has been a great success and now we’ll continue improving it even more. I want to thank everyone who has helped us make this happen through detailed feedback and by sharing knowledge about the health processes.”


Interested in XPS Health?

Are you interested in adding the XPS Health medical module to your XPS? Contact your Country Manager or support@sidelinesports.com.

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