XPS Facilities: Plan availability and avoid double bookings!

2/13/2024 1 min. reading

XPS Facilities are now available in BETA testing! If you want to activate the new feature in your XPS, please contact support@sidelinesports.com.


Why should you use XPS Facilities?

  • Create and edit facilities and link them to a specific location
  • See at a glance which of your facilities are available
  • Avoid double bookings and get a warning when they occur
  • Seamlessly communicate with your coaching staff
  • Support the XPS Calendar with more detailed info
  • Available in both XPS Desktop & Phone App


How to access XPS Facilities?

First contact support@sidelinesports.com so the BETA feature testing is set up for you. You can then access it in both XPS Desktop and the XPS App.


How to create a new facility?

You can create a new facility via the plus button in the Session Builder, see below. Only users with admin role can create new facilities, everyone else can view and use them.


Avoid double bookings

When you assign a facility to the time at which it’s already occupied, you will get a double booking warning. You can also see the availability of different facilities for the day and time of the specific session after clicking on the plus button to open the facilities menu.


View only selected facilities

Filter only the facilities you want to see, and set the rest as hidden.

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