XPS Browser 2.0 is out!

5/2/2024 1 min. reading

Brand new version of the XPS Browser app is ready!

We’ve worked hard for the past year on providing a proper web component for quick and easy access to many of the XPS features. Go to app.xpsnetwork.com to check it out!

Feature-wise the XPS Browser app is comparable to the XPS Mobile app. It doesn’t contain all the features of XPS Desktop such as the Playbook, the Video components (Analyzer and Presenter) and some other features but it runs on all platforms (tablets, Chromebooks, etc) and loads very quickly.

It’s perfect for Team Managers or Athletes and Parents who want to view or input data on a bigger screen than on their mobile devices. Or coaches who want a quick shortcut they can use to access XPS on different computers.

Please enjoy the XPS Browser and we look forward to your feedback which you can send to support@sidelinesports.com.



Jump right in with one click:

0:27 | Teams & Groups Management

0:40 | Calendar & Session Builder

0:58 | Monitoring & Reports

1:29 | Homescreen: Tutorials & Download

1:43 | Athlete Account: Forms, Attendance, Reports

2:07 | Collections for Athletes

2:17 | Family Member Account

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