User Stories: Get inspired by XPS Users

4/17/2024 1 min. reading

We’ve launched a new XPS User Stories section! Have a look at how some of our customers use XPS Network and get inspired by their work with various XPS Features. We have turned our XPS Stories youtube playlist into a new article gallery that is really simple to access and gain useful information in.


The “Features Used” board

After entering a specific User Story, you will see a “Story board” fixed on the left side of the article, which contents the XPS Stories autoplay as well as the Features Used by the club. These will take you through to the XPS Features Page.



Filter by categories

You can filter the user stories by the following XPS Features:

  • Planning & Management
  • Monitoring & Evaluations
  • Communication
  • Tactics & Diagrams
  • Video Analysis
  • Collections
  • Injury Management



How to access User Stories?

Go to or click on the USER STORIES button in the top menu at


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