The Story of PER4ORM | XPS & Cricket

11/28/2022 2 min. reading

XPS Stories are back with a big one! Our long and successful cooperation with a group of lovely people at PER4ORM Cricket has lead to us creating a new XPS Stories episode that is available to watch right now.

“I’d highly recommend this software (XPS) and PER4ORM, purely and simply because you can improve players quicker. The whole passion for coaching is about making people better and XPS certainly helps us deliver that,” says Chris Hall, Co-Founder of PER4ORM Cricket who has been a long-time XPS User.

XPS Network has played an integral role in developing the PER4ORM app for cricket players and coaches: “On our journeys as coaches, we have all learned from other coaches and we all have it locked in our heads, so to be able to put everything into XPS and have access to it in one place without having to search through excel spreadsheets and cutouts from magazines, the value is priceless.”

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The Story of PER4ORM


TIMESTAMPS | Jump in with one click

0:00 | Introduction to PER4ORM

0:34 | Everything in one place

1:13 | Coach Perspective | Understanding player needs with XPS (Jono D’Rozario)

1:35 | Player Perspective | Readiness & Organisation (Darcy Russel)

1:52 | Player Perspective | Messages & Collections (Nate Murphy)

2:12 | Parent Perspective | Player Feedback & Stats (Darren Cumming)

2:58 | XPS Testing & Monitoring

3:39 | Session Templates & Workout Programmes

4:13 | XPS Calendar & Workload Organisation

4:47 | Data Analysis & XPS Forms

5:09 | XPS Usability


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