New Partner: Swiss Floorball Federation

6/5/2024 3 min. reading

We sign a deal with one of the world’s biggest floorball federations and a member of the world TOP4: Swiss Unihockey. With over 35.000 licenced players, Swiss Unihockey is the country’s second largest team sports association after football. 

XPS Network will be used to create a database of all the national teams and regional selections as well as a platform for sharing data between all the Swiss clubs and their coaches. 

In the next phase XPS will allow the federation representatives to seamlessly communicate with the specific clubs and share training plans and pre-created development cycles. 

swiss unihockey xps network monitoring analysis floorball

“Over time, we generate an enormous amount of data and a lot of expertise about our players. We want to store this expertise centrally and make it available to everyone. XPS is the ideal partner for us,” says Reto Balmer, Head of Sports Development at Swiss Unihockey

Swiss teams regularly compete for medals both at national team level and in international club competitions. In grassroots sport, the federation promotes and fosters the joy of fair play while striving for the sustainable development of floorball.


Digitalisation of Swiss Unihockey

Sven Körner, Head of Digitalisation & Innovation at Swiss Unihockey speaks about the role of XPS Network in his area of expertise: “With XPS, we get a software with which we can ideally network with our partner organisations (clubs, cantonal selections, regional performance centres).”

“This will enable us to digitalise our athlete training processes on an ongoing basis. We will use XPS in competitive sport in particular to ensure the networked support of athletes.”


The Champions: Kloten Dietlikon Jets

One of the best and most complex XPS users in Swiss Unihockey have been the 11-time NLA Champions (last title in 2024) Kloten Dietlikon Jets. 

“Each of our players has their own player card with personal and specific information such as readiness, hormonal cycle, attendance statistics or physical tests results,” says Lucas Abeni, the Jets U21 coach, who continues describing the club use of the monitoring features: “In addition we regularly measure and monitor all the training load management data for the whole team, thanks to the customisable widgets in XPS Reports.”

swiss unihockey xps network floorball monitoring analysis

Dietlikon Jets frequently use the XPS Forms to get valuable information and be able to make data-driven coaching decisions: “The players receive a readiness form every morning with questions about their sleep quality, cycle, mood, soreness, etc.” says Abeni. 

“After each training session they receive another form gathering valuable information for the coaching staff about the training load. We then use the data to get a brief overview of the player’s general condition and to see if someone is overloaded.”

The Jets also use the full benefits of the new XPS Health medical module: “Being able to have an overview of all current and past injuries and to have a clear and seamless communication with our physios is priceless.”

swiss unihockey xps network floorball monitoring analysis

New dimension of cooperation

“Floorball is becoming one of the most popular sports in Switzerland. I’m very happy we have managed to sign a multi-year deal with the Swiss Federation and set up a new dimension of cooperation between the association and clubs,” says Michal Rybka, Sideline Sports Country Manager for Switzerland.


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