It is time to switch to Monitoring!

4/24/2024 2 min. reading

Important update for all XPS Users! We’d like to ask you to switch entirely to the updated Monitoring & Reports feature from Athlete Profile. That means the old Athlete Profile feature is about to be disabled in your XPS accounts by the end of May. 

XPS Reports & Monitoring feature have been in process for more than a year now and they provide a powerful and customisable solution to your athlete monitoring needs. Right now the outdated Athlete Profile feature works in XPS Desktop, but it has stopped working on mobile phone devices.

Please contact your local country manager or and we will help you out switching over, it only takes a few minutes.

How to switch from Athlete Profile to Monitoring?

To hide the old Athlete Profile in your left menu sidebar, go to settings -> general -> check the “Hide old Reports” box.


XPS Tutorial | Getting Started with XPS Monitoring


To learn how to work with Reports & Monitoring, build Readiness and Training Load reports or create a player info card, please watch the tutorial below: How to create athlete reports?



Jump right in with one click:

Basic Player Info
| Adding player information
| Attendance KPI (widget)
2:31 | Attendance Log (widget)
3:10 | Editing Report Tabs

3:32 | Readiness Circle Chart (combined test)
3:51 | Readiness Radar Chart (combined test)
4:18 | Readiness Overview (table with periodization)

Training Load
5:39 | A:C Chart
| Training Load & Readiness comparison (table with periodization)

Review & Evaluations
| 12-week review
7:17 | Information log

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