Bengaluru FC: All our analysis done in XPS

3/26/2024 1 min. reading

Last year we’ve entered a partnership with Bengaluru FC as the club’s Official Performance and Analytics Partner. The club playing in Indian Super League was founded in 2013 and won its first title right in the premiere season in the top tier.

See below how the Performance Analyst Alwyn Lawrence describes the use of XPS Network and the transition from sending analysis data to players via email to having everything in one place with XPS.



The Blues’ alliance with XPS Network promises the club a multitude of advantages, including advanced performance analysis, injury prevention and a streamlined channel for communication as well. The Blues, who began their Indian Super League journey last month, and we are excited to be a part of their journey!

“Our collaboration with Bengaluru FC signifies a shared vision for excellence and innovation in football. Bengaluru FC stands as a shining example of a well structured football club, their drive for success and passionate fan base makes this partnership all the more exciting for us,” says Rohan PaulSportsARM Founder, partner of XPS Network in India.



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