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Plan team sessions, individual workouts, games and meetings based on your coaching philosophy.


Recreate training and game situations through diagrams and animations in Playbook.


Analyze your performance in training and matches. Generate high levels of accountability and feedback.

Monitor and improve team and player performance

Choose your indicators

Measure the right things. Data is becoming an increasingly important part of coaching.

Create in-depth reports

Customize your reports and highlight what is going well or needs to improve.

Make the right coaching decisions

Use statistics to make informed, data-driven coaching decisions.

Create high levels of accountability and feedback

Streamline your communication

Keep your communication with coaches and players clear and more meaningful.

Share your knowledge

Share practice plans, game preparations and video presentations to the right people at the right time.

Give instant feedback

Give instructions and video feedback impossible to misunderstand.

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Instant access to statistics

Analyze clear presentations of results and development. Make data-driven coaching decisions. Let the players see their own development.

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NBA Los Angeles Clippers

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John Welch

Assistant Coach

UAB Blazers

I am extremely pleased with the XPS platform and the support I've received from Sideline Sports. It's wonderful to find a company that truly stands behind their branding with solid products and responsive, helpful support. Sideline Sports has earned another loyal customer.

Randy Norton

Head Coach

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