XPS Stories: Collections, Planning and Health Module in Ice Hockey

9/6/2022 2 min. reading

Another exciting XPS Stories episode is here! This time we have a look at how Malmö Redhawks Ice Hockey Club work with XPS Network! After focusing on the club’s use of XPS Health in the past couple of weeks, the Performance Director Freddie Sjögren is explaining how Redhawks work with Collections and Planning features as well as XPS Playbook, and much more!

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0:12 | A-team & Youth Academy, XPS usage areas

0:55 | Athlete Profile: Readiness, Testing

1:24 | XPS Calendar & Planning

2:13 | XPS Collections

2:30 | XPS Playbook: Diagrams

2:50 | Drill Collection


“Communication very important for us”

“We have a Youth Academy of different sports here in Malmö, so communication has become really important for us especially between the different silos: coaching team, performance team, academy staff, but also how we manage training load on different players, testing results, daily monitoring results, so this is where XPS has become huge for us,” says the Redhawks Performance Director Freddie Sjögren.

Malmö Redhawks have also been extensively using XPS Collections and Playbook: “In documents we gather everything that we have within the nutrition area, for example more information about supplements, then we can send them out to the Youth Academy or A-squad depending on what kind of purpose you want,” says Sjögren. “We have also been using the diagrams in XPS Playbook, so players can see the drill and all the information on how to execute it, and they can also see a movie from a game situation, that helps explaining this kind of drill.”


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