XPS Playbook: Tags and UI Updates

6/16/2024 1 min. reading

The XPS Playbook has been up for development and we started with the two most requested features:

  • The ability to browse and open plays more easily
  • The ability to tag them in different ways with Tags, like you can in other Collections

We also updated the UI and in this video we explain what minor changes you need to be aware of:



Jump right in with one click:

0:00 | Diagrams & Animations accessibility

0:35 | Tags in Playbook

1:21 | Tagging multiple files

1:39 | UI updates: Top bar, settings, exporting


We have more things coming up for the Playbook but we hope you enjoy this update.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions with an email to support@sidelinesports.com

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