Whether you're a coach, club or personal trainer, we have a plan for you.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Athlete (Basic) and Athlete (Pro)?
Athlete (Pro) are accounts where your players and athletes get their own login and you can share anything you work with in the XPS platform to their mobile devices, phones and tablets: Videos, statistics, workout programs and practice calendars.

Which package should I choose?

You can't really make a wrong choice. The free trial will help you find out what you need.

All accounts include the Coach features. This includes practice calendar, play diagramming, drill/exercise/document collections, test results, etc.

If you want your athletes or players to have accounts where you can share information to their apps such as practice schedules, workout programs, video clips and dietary information then you need to have Athlete (Pro) accounts for these athletes/players. Read more


What's included in Premium Support?

With Premium Support you're guaranteed to get the most value from your investment in the Sideline Sports products.

Premium Support includes:

  • A dedicated support contact who will help you get started.
  • Personal online meeting after you finish your online training.
  • Regular follow-up contact.
  • Full support when needed. If you have a problem that isn't solved quickly through email support, you'll get personal assistance.
More questions about pricing? Check out our Pricing FAQ